Lodge Vandalized 7/26/2020

July 26, 2020

Last night, anarchists attacked Baltimore City FOP Lodge #3 by defacing our building and burning our American flag. This was an attack on not only our building but also on the men and women of the Baltimore Police Department, both active and retired. The damage that was done has been corrected and we will continue our work to represent the rank and file members of the BPD.  No losers who live in their Mommy and Daddy’s basements will ever be able to deter us in our mission.

The Police Commissioner, however, is a different story and the fact that he seems to have disappeared during all of this is disgusting! Commissioner Harrison was available, several weeks ago, to kneel in the street with these losers but when it comes to supporting the working members of the BPD, he’s a complete no show; not even a simple phone call or text. While I understand his slight to me, the incredible disrespect he’s shown to our membership is unconscionable and I can promise that it will be remembered.  Baltimore City and its Police Officers deserve better than a completely ineffective leader who disappears when leadership is required!

Mike Mancuso