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2020 Holiday Open House Cancelled

November 12, 2020 Brothers and Sisters, Unfortunately, our annual Holiday Open House will not be held this year; another casualty of the COVID19 pandemic. Based on current Baltimore City restrictions, it would be impossible to manage the number of guests and remain in compliance.  This is an event that many of us have come to enjoy as a way to catch up with friends and colleagues while providing...


November 10, 2020 All, We received word today from Charles Monk (Saul Ewing), the lead attorney in our pension lawsuit. The Court of Appeals has agreed to take up the case from the Court of Special Appeals and to hear it this coming February 2021. This is good news because we can now skip a step and should have a decision sometime in August 2021 (if not sooner). Stay well! Mike Mancuso

Injured Officer 11/9/2020

President Mancuso and 1st VP MacDonald are responding to Shock Trauma following reports of an injured Officer in the Southwest District. More information to follow as it becomes available. UPDATE 11:15AM President Mancuso reports that our injured Officer was shot in the upper leg and is in stable condition. His injury is not life-threatening and the prognosis is good.


October 29. 2020 Sisters and Brothers, As a result of the ongoing COVID19 issues at the Lodge, it has been determined that it is in the best interest of our membership to cancel the October General Membership Meeting, altogether. The newly elected Board of Directors will be sworn into office via Zoom on Monday 11/2/2020, Thank you, Mike Mancuso


October 21, 2020 Brothers and Sisters, Due to the recent reports of positive COVID19 exposure at the Lodge/Lounge, we will be postponing the October Membership Meeting until Monday, November 2, 2020 at 7PM. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this decision was not made lightly and is in the best interest of our membership. Thank you and stay well! Mike Mancuso

Signal 13 Donation Drive 10/15/2020

October 15, 2020 Sisters and Brothers, It goes without saying that these past months have been extremely difficult for all Americans, for many different reasons, including those of us who risk our lives and prosperity to protect the citizens of Baltimore.  On any given day, with no warning, one of us could very easily find ourselves in a situation that threatens our ability to continue to...

Statement from President Mancuso re: No Knock Warrants 10/14/2020

October 14, 2020 There is a time and place for no-knock warrants in law enforcement! A Judge should be the only person who decides whether a no-knock is warranted, after a thorough review of the probable cause in the affidavit. One of the most dangerous places for a police officer serving a search warrant is in front of a door, knocking.  This action gives violent criminals the opportunity to...

Lieutenant’s Test Grievance Result 9/22/2020

September 21, 2020 All, On August 28, 2020, our union filed a Step 3 Grievance in reference to the appropriate study materials having not been posted prior to the recent Lieutenant’s test, a requirement of the current MOU.  After having progressed to Step 4, we were advised on September 18, 2020 that Chief of Staff Melancon agreed with the union’s position and subsequently invalidated all of...

Court Rules in Favor of Membership 7/31/2020

July 31, 2020 Sisters and Brothers, In early 2019, SBWD attorneys discovered several violations by the Baltimore Police Department’s Internal Affairs Section regarding the administrative charges against members of the FOP.  At this time, Attorney Mike Davey and President Mike Mancuso brought these violations to the attention of Chief of Staff Melancon, as well as BPD Legal, to point out the...

Lodge Vandalized 7/26/2020

July 26, 2020 Last night, anarchists attacked Baltimore City FOP Lodge #3 by defacing our building and burning our American flag. This was an attack on not only our building but also on the men and women of the Baltimore Police Department, both active and retired. The damage that was done has been corrected and we will continue our work to represent the rank and file members of the BPD.  No...

Letter re: Councilman Dorsey/Fallen Officers Memorial

July 8, 2020 On 7/5/2020, I asked our attorneys at Schlachman, Belsky, Weiner, & Davey to send two letters.  One is a Maryland Public Information Act request to the BPD involving Councilman Ryan Dorsey and the second is a letter to PC Harrison advising him of Dorsey’s veiled threats to our memorial to Baltimore City Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty. This letter also...

Sgt. Bill Shiflett Returns to Duty

July 8, 2020 About a year ago, a courageous group of Baltimore Police Officers risked their lives by entering into an active shooter situation in North Baltimore.  One of these brave men was shot but managed to return fire, killing the suspect.  Sgt. Bill Shiflett was severely wounded in this incident and could have easily succumbed to his injuries, but we all know that Bill Shiflett is one of...

Memorial Clean Up

FOP #3 Memorial Clean-up Crew:  15 yards of mulch spread, grass cut, and many bags of trash removed.  Thanks to Secretary Lisa Riha for organizing and thanks to all for the hard work.  Never Forget!

Tweet Re: Release of Dorsey Flyer 5/8/2020

While murders continue to reach a record number in Baltimore, Councilman Dorsey is worried about bike lanes. @RainPryor understands the priorities of the citizens of the 3rd District and will work for their benefit.

Tweet re: Major COVID Donation 5/7/2020

Pres Mancuso with the 275 Gal drum of hand sanitizer that was generously donated by @pernod_ricard, @ups, and White House Trade Advisor @PeterNavarro45. It has been pumped into 5 Gal buckets donated by Baltimore Windustrial will be delivered to our Districts and Units #gratitude


April 5, 2020 Members of FOP#3, These are very trying and stressful times for all of us! Over the last two weeks, we have had over 100 members quarantined and released back to full duty, and we have several COVID positive members who are recovering at home. We now have the entire SWD quarantined as well as some Officers who worked closely with those in the SWD. I have received many questions...

Update on Sanitizer Supplies 4/1/2020

April 1, 2020 Members of FOP#3: Please save your empty hand sanitizer and spray bottles for future use. The empty spray and gel bottles are becoming scarce. It appears that the bulk hand sanitizer that is now being created will be in a more liquid form instead of a gel. FOP#3 should be getting this liquid sanitizer in bulk amounts and will need members to come to the Lodge to fill your bottles....

Cancellation – Survivors Luncheon

March 25, 2020 All, Due to current health concerns, we must announce the postponement of the Survivors Luncheon that was scheduled to be held at the Lodge Hall on 4/25/2020. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will advise when/if a new date is selected. Thank you, Mike Mancuso

Supplies Distributed 3/25/2020

March 25, 2020 On Monday, FOP #3 issued a request to the community for urgently needed supplies to protect the health and safety of our Baltimore Police Officers. In very short order, Baltimore City Councilman Yitzy Schleifer (District 5) responded and generously supplied/facilitated the donation of many masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. FOP #3 cannot thank the Councilman,...

COVID19 Update 3/21/2020

March 21, 2020 Brothers and Sisters, I know you have many concerns and questions, as do I, involving our current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has never occurred in modern times and the book on how to deal with it is only now being written. I know your frustration with the Baltimore City government and their inefficient handling and lack of minimal preparedness for this...

Change to Conroy Scholarship Eligibility 3/18/2020

March 18, 2020 Approximately a month ago, we were alerted that the daughter of the late Tommy Portz was not allowed to utilize the college scholarship for the children of fallen 1st Responders because her family lived out of state at the time of his line of duty death. Quickly, FOP#3 mobilized and with the help of our Annapolis Lobbyist Frank Boston, Delegate McIntosh, Senator McCray, and Senator...

Changes to Lodge Operations 3/16/2020

Brothers and Sisters, We must, at this point, announce new changes to the daily business practices of our Lodge and facilities. They are, as follows: • The Lounge and Hall will be closed until further notice, beginning today (3/16/2020), due to the Governors mandate. All planned events will also be cancelled. • Anyone having business at the Lodge Office is asked to phone ahead as walk-in...

March Meeting Cancellation

All, In order to comply with the latest CDC guidelines and Governor Hogan’s orders, and in an abundance of caution and concern for our members and their families, the March General Membership Meeting scheduled for 3/23/2020 will be cancelled. We are sharing this information via our various communication platforms; however, we would be grateful if you would also assist in spreading the word....

COVID-19 Update 3/15/2020

March 15, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE FOR MEMBERS: Friday night, Central District Officers made an arrest and the suspect claimed to have COVID-19. The suspect was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital and was quarantined after being tested for the virus. Our Officers were sent home to self-quarantine. Today, I learned about this incident and was also informed that there were actually nine Officers at home on...

Coronavirus Update – Contact Distancing 3/15/2020

March 14, 2020 Brothers and Sisters, It has come to my attention that there have been instances in which some of you are being asked to conduct initiatives that may involve unnecessary close contact with the public. We, as first responders, know that our job may involve engaging the public in close contact during this trying time, and we accept that. However, I am concerned that you are being...

Message from President Mancuso 3/12/2020

Brothers and Sisters, I have been in daily contact with the Department regarding the coronavirus and I have voiced the many concerns that FOP#3 has in regard to the health and wellness of our members. These concerns range from personal protection equipment and supplies to the use of Sick Leave and various other HR concerns. I have been assured that the Department will be distributing further...

Baltimore City DHR COVID-19 Plan

The Baltimore City Department of Human Resources has issued additional guidance relative to COVID-19 (attached here). Our attorneys at SBWDLaw are currently reviewing this document and we advise that each of our members familiarize themselves with this information, as well. Thanks! DHR COVID 19 Response Final  

Twitter Response to Mayor Young 2/20/2020

Mayor Young, do you honestly believe that this is the way a leader behaves? You don't take any responsibility for Baltimore's problems and expect others to fix it for you! This is not what Baltimore deserves. @mayorbcyoung #CityinCrisis          

FOP Wins Arbitration over Detail Days 2/19/2020

Brothers and Sisters: Last year the Police Commissioner made a decision to deny the use of FOP3 detail days (bargained) for members to attend the FOP National Conference. FOP3 quickly filed a grievance, which was denied at every step by the administration. FOP3 filed for arbitration and an arbitration hearing was held in front of an independent arbitrator. A two day hearing was heard in January...

Shooting Response 2/12/2020

President Mike Mancuso is currently onsite at Shock Trauma to assist those involved in today's shooting incident. He will provide additional information as it becomes available.

Twitter Post/DC Barksdale Comments 2/11/2020

Retired Deputy Commissioner Barksdale grew up in Baltimore and knows what it takes to police this city. His opinions are based on his experience, and success, leading the BPD and should not be taken lightly!

Twitter Post 2/10/2020

Posted on Twitter 2/10/2020 From Friday-Monday, Baltimore had 4 murders (+ 1 additional man who died after being shot on The Block several weeks ago); also 12 failed murders (non-fatal shootings). YTD numbers: 34 murders in 2020 29 murders in 2019 (a record year

Tweet re: NWD Incident 2/8/2020

Last night one of our brave Sergeants found himself in the middle of a gun battle. He pursued the suspects while shots were still being fired. Other BPD officers from the NWD responded and the suspects were apprehended. Great work by the brave officers of the BPD who continue to risk their lives with little support from the City administration (to include the BPD Command and City Hall). Here is...

Twitter Post 1/13/2020

@mayorbcyoung @CouncilPresBMS Now that the "Great Baltimore Bag Ban" is in place, do you think you can start fighting crime? This past weekend Baltimore saw 5 homicides, 10 failed murders & 5 armed carjackings. How much longer before someone attempts a real time crime fight?

President Mancuso Attends White House Summit 12/6/10

Announcement: December 6, 2019 The White House invited National Fraternal Order of Police President, Pat Yoes, and several big city FOP leaders, including Lodge #3 President Mike Mancuso, to attend a summit meeting with President Trump today.  The topics included violent crime, inadequate sentencing, social activist prosecutors, and much more.  We are very proud to have been asked to...

Lodge Thanksgiving Closing

All, Please be advised that the Lodge Office/Lounge will be closed on Thursday 11/28/19 and Friday 11/29/19 in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will reopen, as usual, on Monday 12/2/19. Thank you!

Lodge Kitchen Temporary Closing 9/3/19 & 9/4/19

Please be advised that our Kitchen will be closed tonight (9/3) and tomorrow night (9/4), but will reopen on Thursday (9/5). The Lounge will remain open for drinks but no food service will be available. Thank you for your understanding!

Update on Injured Officer 8/29/19

Posted on Twitter this morning: Our officer, who was shot last night, has been released from Shock Trauma and will recover. He is a hero along with all of the officers involved in last night’s incident. Their bravery was unwavering. More needs to be said about this incident and the current condition of our city but, for now, just be proud of our BPD heroes. #CityinCrisis

Conclusion of National FOP Conference 8/15/19

64th Biennial National FOP Conference in New Orleans has ended. Thank you to the Delegates from our Lodge who attended the Conference and conducted FOP business. Congratulations to the elected 2019-2021 National FOP Executive Board: President, Patrick Yoes; Vice President, Joe Gamaldi; 2nd VP, Les Neri; Secretary, Jimmy Holderfield; Treasurer, Tom Penoza; Sergeant-at-Arms, Keith Turney.

Lisa Riha elected National Trustee 8/12/19

8/12/19 Lodge #3 is proud to announce that our Lodge Secretary, Lisa Riha, has been elected, without opposition, to serve as the Trustee from Maryland on the National FOP Board of Directors. Congratulations, Trustee Riha!

Update – Sgt. Shiflett 7/18/19

All, The Shiflett family has asked that we express their sincere gratitude for the expressions of support they have received both from inside the BPD and the community. Bill has begun his road to recovery and the family and medical staff have asked that visitors be limited for the time being so that he can rest and focus on his recuperation.  Updates to follow. Thank you. Mike Mancuso

Update – Sgt. Shiflett 7/17/19

Posted on Twitter: President Mike Mancuso was able to spend some time with Sgt Shiflett today and is happy to report that, as members of the Baltimore Police Dept. already know, Bill is as tough as ever. Although in severe pain, he forced himself out of his hospital bed to stand. Keep at it Brother...we've got your back!

Update- Sgt. Billy Shiflett 7/15/19

President Mancuso reports that Sgt. Billy Shiflett is out of surgery and is in stable condition. We thank everyone for their prayers and support at this difficult time.

Injured Officer 7/15/19

President Mike Mancuso, Secretary Lisa Riha, and Sgt. William MacDonald are currently at Shock Trauma seeing to the needs of our injured member and family. We will update when able. Prayers are requested.

Statement Regarding Micro-Zones Strategy 6/25/19

June 25, 2019 STATEMENT REGARDING BPD MICRO-ZONES STRATEGY While FOP #3 applauds the Baltimore Police Department for trying to find a method to control the ongoing violence in the City, we feel that the micro-zones, recently announced, are nothing more than the regurgitation of past efforts. Approximately 5 months ago, I met with former Mayor Pugh to discuss newly hired Police Commissioner...

FOP #3 Twitter Post 6/19/19

Today Baltimore Police has 625 (400 short of what is needed) full duty Police Officers assigned to Patrol. When Comm. Harrison started there were 658 full duty Officers. Where did they go? On average, 30% of Officers working in Patrol, on any given day, are on OT. We are a fatigued Dept. and those numbers are a safety issue for our Officers and our citizens.

SBW Law wins in Circuit Court 6/14/19

Today, there was a hearing in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City regarding 12 Complaints to Show Cause that were filed by SBWLAW on behalf of 17 officers who had administrative disciplinary charges filed in excess of the 1 years statute of limitations under the LEOBR.  After a very well presented argument by Adam Davey from SBWLAW, the Honorable Judge Lawrence Fletcher-Hill ruled in favor...

A Letter to FOP #3 Members

June 7, 2019 To the Members of FOP #3: Four months ago, Baltimore City was introduced to our current Police Commissioner, Michael Harrison. Upon his arrival, he made a media tour of Baltimore, proclaiming his successes in New Orleans and decreeing to all that he was here to reform the Baltimore Police Department, implement the Consent Decree, and forge a strong partnership with the community. To...

June 7, 2019

Sgt. Ethan Newberg was released from CBIF this morning after agreeing to a $200,000 unsecured bond He is not required to post $200,000; only to sign an agreement acknowledging that he would be responsible to pay $200,000 if he fails to appear in court or violates the conditions of his release.

FOP Twitter Response to Change in BWC Release Policy 6/5/19 Transparency? Really? Command members from Captains to the Police Commissioner do not even have Body Worn Cameras let alone wear them. Why not? They are also on the street interacting with the public! Command members do not attend In Service Training as do Officers, Sgts, and Lts. Commanders...

Response to Harbor activity 5/25/19

To our officers at the Harbor tonight: Protect each other and don't fall into the trap that they are only kids. Some are criminals! Keep the current policies and Consent Decree in mind. If ordered to arrest put the name of the on-scene Commander in all reporting. Mike Mancuso