Change to Conroy Scholarship Eligibility 3/18/2020

March 18, 2020

Approximately a month ago, we were alerted that the daughter of the late Tommy Portz was not allowed to utilize the college scholarship for the children of fallen 1st Responders because her family lived out of state at the time of his line of duty death. Quickly, FOP#3 mobilized and with the help of our Annapolis Lobbyist Frank Boston, Delegate McIntosh, Senator McCray, and Senator Bailey, we set about to have the current law changed.

We are extremely proud to announce that tonight, in the last hours of the shortened Legislative Session, the Bill was passed. Tommy’s daughter is now eligible for the scholarship along with the children of other 1st Responders faced with the same dilemma.

Thanks to all who were involved!
Mike Mancuso