October 15, 2021

Update for Members of FOP 3:

This is an update in reference to the payout of the FLSA overtime lawsuit. Approximately 3-4 weeks ago, the City forwarded the settlement schedule to the vendor they chose to use for disbursement to the FOP 3 members receiving a payment. Recently, we have been inquiring as to why disbursement has not yet occurred. We were informed that the vendor initially planned to deduct Social Security taxes which should not apply to us. The vendor asked for a letter from the City advising that it was appropriate to issue the checks without Social Security deductions. That letter was received and all appeared to be fine until the same vendor decided that they also needed a letter from the City pension attorneys advising that it was okay not to deduct social security for those members who have already retired. We have been assured that this is taking place and the process will move forward.

I appreciate your patience in this matter!


Mike Mancuso