January 19, 2021


Workday is an absolute disaster, and we all know it, but management (the City in this case) also has the right to change their operating systems even when they have been told they will fail miserably. Ten months ago, we warned them of the very issues that we see now; however, they refused to let us help despite knowing the current problems would occur. For weeks now, several of us at the union have been working seven days a week/16 hrs. a day to help our members with their individual issues. We have helped hundreds of you get paid, and we have even offered $1,500 loans to those who received no pay at all. We expect more issues with the upcoming payroll, and we will be there to assist our members as needed. If we get to a point where the department refuses to make our members whole, we will have the ability to sue and will proceed accordingly. As it stands now, our members are receiving off-cycle checks from the BPD in an effort to make everyone whole, until the Workday issues are resolved. Until this matter is entirely cleared up, we will continue to do what we have been doing since this fiasco started, help our members.

Please continue to check your Workday entries and forward issues to the email address that they have provided.

Thank you,

Mike Mancuso