February 13, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your LEOBR is under attack.  The ACLU and the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association are working together to make significant changes to the process in which you, as police officers, can be disciplined.  These groups are taking advantage of the police reform movement to eliminate the few rights you have in the disciplinary process.  The Chiefs, including our Police Commissioner, want complete control of the disciplinary process which will leave you with very few rights.

Our Lodge, the other FOP Lodges across the State of Maryland and the Maryland State Lodge have been fighting extremely hard to preserve the LEOBR and the rights that you worked hard to obtain and rightfully deserve.

Police Chiefs and our Police Commissioner are blaming the LEOBR for their inability to discipline bad officers which we all know is not true. We are now at an extremely critical time that requires our most significant effort.

The FOP needs your immediate assistance.  Please contact your State Delegates and Senators NOW!  Do not wait!  Send them emails and call them to let them know that you oppose any change to the LEOBR.  We need your family and friends to help us as well, so please reach out to as many as you are able.  Even though this is a weekend, and their Legislative Offices may be closed, please leave a message. If you do not know your Legislators, you can Google them, and you will find all of the pertinent information.  You can also go to www.keepmarylandsafe.com for more information.


Thank you,

Mike Mancuso