Mancuso Statement re: Ryan Dorsey 2/20/2021


February 20, 2021

This morning, City Councilman Ryan Dorsey posted a tweet that was completely disgusting and mindless, most especially for an elected official of Baltimore City. In doing so, he offended our membership in a way that is disrespectful, erroneous, and insulting. Our members sacrifice their own safety to protect Baltimore’s citizens, including Mr. Dorsey, and it is inappropriate for an official of the City to speak of our professional law enforcement officers in that manner.  Mr. Dorsey continues to use his bully pulpit to attack the fine men and women of the BPD. This immature behavior warrants a public apology from Mr. Dorsey and a censure from the City Council, Mayor Scott, and Commissioner Harrison.

In the past, most of the Councilman’s hate-filled rhetoric has been easily ignored by our membership and many others. This time, unfortunately, he has gone too far and should be called out, not only by our union but by leaders of government and the larger business community. We are a society of laws and our citizens are dependent on law enforcement to enforce those laws. We are not the enemy that Mr. Dorsey likes to make us out to be. At the end of the day, we are husbands and wives, fathers and sons, sisters and brothers, mothers, and fathers. We deserve Mr. Dorsey’s support, not his hatred and ridicule.

Mike Mancuso