April 5, 2020

Members of FOP#3,

These are very trying and stressful times for all of us! Over the last two weeks, we have had over 100 members quarantined and released back to full duty, and we have several COVID positive members who are recovering at home. We now have the entire SWD quarantined as well as some Officers who worked closely with those in the SWD. I have received many questions about why certain decisions are being made by the Department and I, like you, also find some of them difficult to understand. I am not part of the decision-making process and, as a result, I am only told about these decisions just before they are executed. While we are not part of this process, I can assure you that I have questioned some of these decisions and have pressed for an explanation of others, on your behalf. Your concerns are valid as you are on the front lines, not those making these decisions on your behalf.

As various circumstances present themselves, the decision-making process for any necessary actions begin with the COVID Task Force at HQ, who then consult with the Health Department prior to making any determinations. At this point, the union has pressed for many changes to the way we are operating including roll call safety, the use of BDUs, call responses, use of Leave for quarantine, hotel rooms for our members, etc. We are also continuing to press for additional pay and an increase to the supply chain so that you have all of the PPE that you need to be safe. For the last two weeks, FOP#3 has been requesting donations of gloves, sanitizer, wipes, etc. with the hope of filling gaps in the City’s supply chain. These supplies have been delivered to the Districts/Divisions with more to follow as our donors answer our calls for assistance.

We do need each of you who have been quarantined/exposed, etc. to email [email protected] with your Name, Seq #, District/Division, and a brief description of your situation so that we may log it into our FOP#3 COVID Database. We still do not receive any specific information from the Department due to HIPPA policies and guidance from the Health Department, so your participation is greatly appreciated.

I am proud to be part of such a courageous group of Law Enforcement Officers, not only because of your efforts during this pandemic, but also for the daily risks that you take in policing the most dangerous streets in America. Take care of each other and we will get through this together!
Thank you,
Mike Mancuso