Statement from President Mancuso re: No Knock Warrants 10/14/2020

October 14, 2020

There is a time and place for no-knock warrants in law enforcement! A Judge should be the only person who decides whether a no-knock is warranted, after a thorough review of the probable cause in the affidavit. One of the most dangerous places for a police officer serving a search warrant is in front of a door, knocking.  This action gives violent criminals the opportunity to arm themselves, which should never occur. The element of surprise should be afforded to the police whenever the circumstances permit. Today the Baltimore City State’s Attorney issued a blanket prohibition in regard to no-knock warrants, to the subordinate attorneys in her office. This action is completely irresponsible and an overreach, though predictable. We urge all Baltimore City Judges not to get caught up in the agendas of others, but to continue to follow the facts as presented.

Mike Mancuso

President, FOP3