Update on Sanitizer Supplies 4/1/2020

April 1, 2020

Members of FOP#3:

Please save your empty hand sanitizer and spray bottles for future use. The empty spray and gel bottles are becoming scarce. It appears that the bulk hand sanitizer that is now being created will be in a more liquid form instead of a gel. FOP#3 should be getting this liquid sanitizer in bulk amounts and will need members to come to the Lodge to fill your bottles. At this time, we have a limited amount of sanitizer and cleaning products for use in the Districts and Divisions. Please call the Lodge, during normal business hours (or leave a VM), if you are in need of these supplies. The current social distancing requirements will require designated pickup times so that we can control access to the building.

The union is working hard to fill the gaps in the supply line, and we do anticipate more arriving soon.

Mike Mancuso