New Year’s Eve Message 12/31/2023

December 31, 2023

To the Women and Men of the Baltimore Police Department:
As we move from one year to the next, I am pleased to throw out the old (Harrison and Mosby) and to know that we survived them. And I am even more pleased to bring in the new (Worley, Bates, and Barron), all of whom have shown a willingness to work with FOP3. Now, we look forward to negotiating a new labor contract for the bravest and hardest-working police officers in the country. Making our officers the highest paid in the State would be a great start to 2024. We ask the Mayor and City Council to show their support and commitment to the Baltimore Police Department by fulfilling the mandate for a safer Baltimore. Retention and recruitment must be a priority because public safety must be of the utmost importance or nothing else in Baltimore can flourish.
Stay safe tonight and Happy New Year!!
Mike Mancuso