FOP BULLETIN 1/26/2023

January 26, 2023


Members of FOP3:

We have received numerous inquiries from our membership regarding the Department’s recent announcement of its intention to permit a third-party vendor to manage non-city secondary employment. When this same proposal was presented to our bargaining team during negotiations of our current Memorandum of Understanding, there were many concerns expressed by our counsel and members of the bargaining team which the City could not satisfactorily address. The city then withdrew their proposal. Some of our concerns involve the rate of pay, who would be responsible for medical bills and/or workers’ compensation benefits in the event of an injury incurred by a member while working, who would be responsible for the payment of any civil judgments for damages associated with an arrest made (or other police action) while working, and whether the Fire and Police Pension System would consider a disabling injury incurred while working secondary overtime for a third-party vendor as a qualifying event to be eligible for a pension. This list is not all inclusive and other questions are still unanswered.

With all these unanswered questions, the Lodge recommends that you not work any secondary employment that is administered by a third-party vendor until the Department furnishes answers to these questions and concerns.

Take care,

Mike Mancuso