COVID-19 Update 3/15/2020

March 15, 2020

Friday night, Central District Officers made an arrest and the suspect claimed to have COVID-19. The suspect was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital and was quarantined after being tested for the virus. Our Officers were sent home to self-quarantine. Today, I learned about this incident and was also informed that there were actually nine Officers at home on self-quarantine due to the same incident. A few hours later, I was advised that the test given to the suspect on Friday was returned with a negative result.
The Health Department has advised the BPD that they are not allowed to share the identity of those quarantined Officers with me as HIPPA requirements prevent it. Going forward, I am asking that any FOP#3 members who are exposed to this virus, possibly exposed, or even quarantined as the result of exposure, contact the Lodge to report the situation. Please email us at [email protected] and include your name, sequence #, assignment, and a brief scenario of what has occurred. Obviously, this is voluntary and we would never ask you to provide medical information that you are not comfortable providing. It is important that we be able to track the effect of this illness on our members and because the Health Department does not allow sharing of the information, we are hoping that each of you, if you are affected, will notify us.
If you have questions of the BPD, regarding this disease, or need supplies (must be requested by your Supervisor), please contact the appropriate Unit for these issues by emailing [email protected]. There are also Detectives from of the Health & Wellness Unit, at this same email address, who are dedicated to responding to your specific questions and concerns. This situation has caused a great deal of stress for many of our members and we urge you to reach out to the Health & Wellness Unit at the above email address, or the Lodge, for assistance.
Take Care,
Mike Mancuso