Drafting Policy Violations – July 8, 2019

July 8, 2019


We have recently received several complaints of drafting violations, most of which have come from the Central District.  Please be aware that, per the current MOU, you must be notified at Roll Call if you are going to be drafted after your upcoming shift.  The only exceptions allowed would be if someone calls out sick or there is some unforeseen emergency. The failure of Command to adequately plan prior to Roll Call is not one of the exceptions.

If, at Roll Call, you are selected to be drafted, that decision is not reversible! Should Command approach you later in the shift and advise that you are no longer needed, you should respectfully tell them that you have already rearranged your life and that you are staying until completion.  If YOU decide to leave voluntarily, that is your decision.  If you are ordered to leave, you should document the action and advise your District Representative and the Lodge Office, immediately.

Please be aware that once you are advised, at Roll Call, that you have been selected for the draft, whether you work that draft shift or not, you go to the bottom of the draft list. The draft list must be made accessible for each of you to review!

Please forward all violations and complaints to ​[email protected].

Mike Mancuso