August 2, 2019


The BPD has issued a new PCM in reference to overtime. Like you, we have many questions about the PCM and are waiting for clarification or guidance from the department (the FOP does not write policy). Any questions you have about how to comply with this PCM should be directed to your Command. We recommend that you email your questions first to your Command and then follow up with your questions in person. Please request written instructions from them on how to proceed. We know in some instances being in compliance with this order will be difficult. When this occurs, we recommend that, instead of facing a disciplinary issue, you opt not to work voluntary overtime.

As we work through this process please forward any questions, comments, concerns, or other issues regarding this PCM, including disciplinary actions and compliance recommendations from your Command to [email protected] and to FOP #3 Labor & Management Committee Chairman, Elliot Cohen at [email protected]

Thank you,

Mike Mancuso