Meeting Update August 2020

Membership Meeting Update

 August 2020

Lounge Renovation

Work is progressing and the lounge is anticipated to reopen in the next 2-3 weeks, depending on COVID requirements.  Opening will be announced to membership when determined.

2021 Legislative Session

In anticipation of an extremely difficult General Assembly session, beginning in January 2021, President Mancuso has met with a PR professional in order to present a public affairs campaign on behalf of the Lodge.  Doug Mayer was Governor Hogan’s communications director until recently and is now a principal in a private PR firm.  The cost of a campaign is very high but with all that is at stake, this is a necessary expenditure.  Once his proposal is received, it will be discussed with the Board of Directors for consideration.

Sgt. Carrington Van

We continue to solicit donations to provide an accessible van for those with disabilities for Ike Carrington. Currently working with Signal 13 Foundation and the Baltimore Ravens.

Workday HR System

In October, the City will be switching to a new personnel management system known as Workday.  Despite our concerns and warnings to both the Department and the City regarding the functioning and implementation of this system, the process will go forward.  As a result, we expect numerous problems and strongly suggest that all members reconcile their LEAVE accounts with what is currently shown on the ADP system as we anticipate this to be one of the major problems.   There is an extraordinarily strong probability that Leave will not translate to the new system properly and your Leave slips and paper records will become extremely important to correctly identify your Leave. We also anticipate pay issues! We have asked the department to allow us to work with them to reconcile these issues to mitigate the coming problems. Some in the BPD were accepting of our request but City Hall refused.


Attorney Kieran Dowdy (SBWD) gave updates on various grievances and litigation.  Also, SBWD is in the process of working with IAD to make the process of pleading out clearer.

Board of Directors Election

As required by Lodge Bylaws, the Election Committee accepted nominations for all Board of Directors positions.  The Nominees are as follows:

President – Mike Mancuso (Unopposed)

1st VP – William “Buckey” MacDonald (Unopposed)

2nd VP – Paul Blair (Unopposed)

3rd VP – Ron Starr (Incumbent)

Roberta Yates

Secretary – Lisa Riha (Unopposed)

Treasurer – John Nolan (Unopposed)

Guard – Ed Gorwell (Unopposed)

Chaplain – Don Helms (Unopposed)

State Trustee – Elliot Cohen (Unopposed)

Trustees (All Unopposed)

Dominic Mastromatteo

Dan Popp

George Trainer

All of those who were nominated without opposition were declared elected by acclamation.  The only contested position (3rd VP) will be conducted by mail-in ballot in adherence to the Lodge Bylaws.


State Conference

The State Conference scheduled for September 14, 2020 in Ocean City, MD will be held as planned.